Photo: Michael Lionstar

Macy Halford is an author and reviewer, whose first book, My Utmost: A Devotional Memoir, about the bestselling Evangelical daily devotional My Utmost for His Highest, appeared in February, 2017, from Knopf. It’s an exploration of faith, literature, culture, and moving between worlds (read more about it here).

Macy grew up in Dallas, Texas, in the nineteen-eighties and nineties, and moved to New York to attend Barnard college, graduating in 2001. For eight years, she was on the editorial staff of The New Yorker magazine, where she wrote and edited the online book review.

In 2012, she moved to Strasbourg, France, where she lives with her husband. She teaches English at Sciences Po University and works as a freelance reviewer and translator. In her free time, she is mastering the art of Alsatian cooking, which is much like mastering the art of French cooking, only with less art (tip: when in doubt, add more pork).